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European Silverlight Challenge  

European Silverlight Challenge

Believe in your talent and join the “European Silverlight Challenge” Competition – Dare to participate with us on the European Development Competition about Silverlight and win fabulous prizes, and of course the recognizement of wining one of the first places ;)

At INETA EUROPE (, in collaboration with Microsoft, we have prepared a development competition with the name “European Silverlight Challenge”, starting at November and ending at the end of January.

This competition is based on the development of a web component or application using Silverlight for its user interface and with the only condition that it to be published as Open Source (license MS-PL), being able to apply these components free of charge to the user group’s web sites and online technical communities.

The reach of this competition is first Country-wide and then, Europe–wide. That is, each country will have its own Silverlight competition and the winners of each country will participate on the Finale at the European Silverlight Challenge. For example you can check Spain’s local Silverlight competition website at

As for example, we show some of the prizes that are available for the Spanish European Silverlight Challenge initiative, like a MIX'08 ticket with travel & housing fees, a Xbox360, SmartPhone, PDA, Expression Studio licences, DevForce Professional Licences, ReSharper & DotTrace Licences, loads of books and subscription to lead technical magazines.


We also are working to get some interesting prizes that will be available on short. If you’re interested in being a sponsor, please contact us at

If you are a Ineta Europe country leader, we will contact you in short to provide details and a website/media kit to get this started ASAP.  

And the Rules...

Quite simple, to develop a web .Net application using Silverlight with the only condition that it will be published as Open Source in the MS-PL license, so all usergroups  & online communites  will be able to use it free of charge.

Like, for example:

  • A chat system to be used in a website.
  • A calendar visualization system for community events.
  • A “Mind map”.
  • A Poll system.
  • An Image gallery.

Later, the participations will be published as open source  in a MS-PL License, assigned to its respective authors, that will keep the author status of the Silverlight components developed by them.

The winners will be elected under a Jury that will decide the winners under the following criteria: Technical, Design, Originality and Utility.

And well, the only thing left is just to tell you to participate on this competition because if you don’t try you will not know what you are able to… maybe you will get one of the prizes…  or even you will put yourself at the top of Europe Developers, which better prize? ;)

The INETA Europe Team

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