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INETA Europe July 2009 Newsletter  
INETA Europe July 2009 Newsletter
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In this issue...
bullet imageIs TechEd Time!
bullet imageTeched Europe 2009
bullet imageKulenDayz 2009
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Is... TechEd Europe time!

Can’t believe the time has come around so quickly again but we already in the planning stages for Microsoft TechEd Europe 2009.

TechEd Europe 2009 will once again be focused into a single week for both communities. The change in format back to a combined event is based on feedback from both developer and IT professional communities who in this time of economic uncertainty prefer a single week activity.

For more than 16 years, TechEd Europe has provided the best technical education event in the industry and the best place for community to get together and network.

We at INETA Europe look forward to continuing to support the European developer community with great connection opportunities.
INETA Europe team working on defining and planning the activities at TechEd Europe to make it the best conference ever for the developer community.

Stay tuned for more detailed information in our next newsletter! Please see key dates below:

9 – 13 November, TechEd Europe 2009, Berlin, Germany

Sincerely yours,

Damir Tomicic's Photo

Damir Tomicic
President, INETA Europe

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Microsoft TechEd Europe 2009
Be prepared! 9-13 November: Berlin, Germany

TechEd 2009 Theatre

Immerse yourself in over 600 learning opportunities and gain access to in-depth technical training that’s tailored to your individual needs covering Architecture, Windows 7, Visual Studio, Windows Azure and more…

Register now and save money!Connect one-on-one with Microsoft insiders and IT peers, share insights and ideas, make valuable contacts and be part of the vibrant Tech•Ed Europe community.

Save by registering early. Please see our website for more details:


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Cool days @ KulenDayz

The past weekend, from 12 to 14 of June, I assisted at the KulenDayz community conference, organized by the Croatian community, and Strongly supported by Microsoft, INETA Europe and Red Gate and being my first time there, I was gladly surprised of both the quality of the event and of the communities that there assisted.

What is KulenDayz?

the community country and nearby countries... it’s interesting that this is a yearly event that has evolved and refined in the time and now it is able to convoke people from a lot of countries, both Europe and outside Europe, which are, for citing some; USA, UK, Belgium, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary Macedonia and, this year, also Spain :).

Who did it?

The event was organized mainly by two INETA User Group Leaders Bernardin Katic (who is also INETA Country Leader for Croatia) and Dean Vitner, both MVP’s & great community guys! This year, Bernard Katic was elected as the Culminis regional representative for CEE on this event, which was publicly announced at the Keynote by Rane Johnson-Stempson, Technical Audience Marketing Lead for Microsoft CEE (Central & Eastern Europe). Congratulations Bernardin!!
Also, we had more organizers behind the curtains to which we have to thank, for mentioning some, Tomislav Bronzin (INETA VP Community Activities) and Dobrisa Adamec (INETA VP Membership), and a number of volunteers who helped at the event organization and set-up too.

Who supported it?

It is always good to thank who supported it, apart from the gret organization work, there is to thank Microsoft, INETA Europe and RedGate, the main event sponsors. Thank you for supporting this event and with it, the whole community. Here are the official links to the sponsors:

For whom this event is for?

To mention that this event is focused into two different kinds of audience, being them developer and IT community audience, so it had the best of both. Also there was a track about project management in ICT which is more and more important in today businesses. This also showed up that we have loads of thing in common, which helped getting a strong whole community support, too. So we're not all that different ;). Being a pretty international location and having a some of the audience and speakers from over Europe and USA, a lot of the sessions were done in English language, so that means anybody is free to join wherever his location is, having assured a good understanding of the sessions.


The KulenDayz conference was held at Hotel Patria which is situated in the heart of the beautiful region of Baranja, Beli Manastir, very near Osijek, Croatia. I can say this is a truly beautiful place with loads of vegetation – wherever you see is all green – and beautiful people.

Give me references!

Gladly!, you can go to the official event conferences website where you will get to know more about the event at the link:

Oh, yes, and the pictures... here are some:

Bernardin Katic, organizer.

The main organizer, Bernardin Katic, with two beautiful Croatian women that were helping out at the event organization. To mention that they are all holding up the main "logo" of the KulenDayz, a "Kulen" which is a famous local spicy food. Which you can see on the next image...

Official T-Shirt, evaluation and give-away

Here, you can see the official T-shirt, event evaluation and the free great give-away piece of Kulen:).
And you can check some more here


Well, A great event, well organized and with great sessions, located at a beautiful country, with international speakers - and free!!. what to say that I'll do my best to be there again next year. I hope I can meet you there next year too and share a cold Pivo (beer in Croatian), that by the way, are very good in flavor.

Jose Luis Latorre's Photo

Jose Luis Latorre
Vice President Events & Sponsorship INETA Europe

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News about INETA Europe Speakers Bureau

Good news! We have added again a new speakers to our INETA Europe Speakers Bureau. We have good news if you are interested in WPF, Silverlight etc. From now on you can request Laurent Bugnion.

Laurent Buqnion's PhotoLaurent works as a senior interactive developer for IdentityMine, one of the leading companies (and Gold Partner) for Microsoft technologies such as Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, Surface, Windows 7 and generally User Experience.

He was IdentityMine's European branch's first employee, based in Zurich. In October 2008, the book "Silverlight 2 Unleashed" that he wrote was published at Sams. This book is a complete tutorial about Silverlight and filled with code samples and illustrations in full color.

Privately, he codes in ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight and WPF. You can find his blog on He earned a MCTS for WPF and is already three years on row a Microsoft MVP.

BTW... you can request him from here!

Andrè Obelink

André Obelink
Vice President Speakers Bureau INETA Europe

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Our communities in a nutshell...
 Macedonian  .NET User Group (Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia)

CodeCamp Atenndees

Hi everybody,

At the very beginning, I would like to introduce to you the Macedonian .NET User Group, which is new and young .NET community formed in March 2008. After one year of existence and a huge number of its supporters, it was time to organize the first official event, which was bigger and different from the regular monthly gatherings.

The main idea started by several enthusiasts, prepared to volunteer and to give a contribution in community idea expansion. So, Code Camp 2009 happened, on 13th of June, 2009. With a help of INETA, our community achieved to organize the event, with international speakers from INETA Speakers Bureau and regional and local MVPs. Our event had an opportunity to have INETA Europe Silverlight Challenge Winner as a speaker who, by the way, is also from Macedonia.

As beginners, we were uncertain about popularity of our first official event, particularly because it was a sunny Saturday day, perfect for a lazy coffee drink in a good bar or restaurant in the city park. But, 130 attendees at 9 AM broke our fears and obliged us to continue with the idea of knowledge exchange and collaboration. Our speakers have great presentations on latest Microsoft technologies and provoked long discussion, both in and out of the presentation room.

This event was a big success for us, and we hope that it will become a tradition, where either the professionals or ordinary people will meet each other and talk about their everyday jobs, lives and they will have a conjunction of knowledge and fun.

Event Quick Facts:

  • Date: 13.06.2009
  • Venue: Congress Center – Skopje Fair
  • Attendees: 130+
  • Sessions: 7
  • Speakers: 6 (2 Official INETA Speakers, 5 MVPs)
  • Event duration: 9h per day (Saturday)
  • In photos

Darko's Photo

Darko Milevsky
Macedonian .NET User Group

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News and other information from UGSS

7 hours of free .NET learning for any INETA member!

Summer is finally here, and it’s the perfect chance to sharpen your current skills (or learn some new ones!), with this special free training offer for the INETA community.

Build your .NET skills - for free!

Through July 31, InnerWorkings is giving away 7 hours of the latest hands-on .NET learning to any INETA member, no strings attached. This is your chance to sharpen your current skills or learn some new technologies at no cost, using InnerWorkings Developer. The 7 hours of .NET learning include the following technologies:

  • ADO.NET Data Services
  • Silverlight 2
  • Threading
Learn by doing

At InnerWorkings, we believe in hands-on learning – check out our quick product tour for more information. Our learning environment is integrated with Visual Studio and our patented code-judging engine provides instant feedback on your solutions. Take us up on our offer and we're confident you'll see the value of our hands-on approach.

This InnerWorkings offer is completely free to the entire INETA community, so please forward this email to your local members and to other INETA regional directors so they can share it with their members. Challenge your INETA group to learn with you! Remember, this free offer ends after July 31 so act today!

Happy Coding,

Graham Watson's Photo

Graham Watson
User Group Relationship Manager, Microsoft

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Upcoming Events...

  • GeekUp Manchester - 14 Jul 2009

    GeekUp Manchester takes place on the second Tuesday of every month. It's a grass-roots knowledge sharing and networking social for folks involved or interested in all forms of technology and creative media.What is GeekUp?GeekUp is a community of web designers, web developers, and other tech-minded folk from the UK. It's a grassroots knowledge sharing and networking social for folks involved or interested in the web and technology industry.
  • When agile goes bad: how to stay calm and move forward with Sebastien Lambla - 14 Jul 2009

    With applying agile methodologies comes changes in many aspects of delivering software. And with any change will come a time when something fails.
  • The MVC Framework - 14 Jul 2009

    Gavin Osborn visits Cambridge to talk about the alternative to WebForms; Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC framework, plus they'll be a nugget, SWAG and some food.
  • Webtuesday with Sebastian Bergmann - 14 Jul 2009

    Webtuesday is coming up next week, this time with Sebastian Bergmann, developer of PHPUnit and long-time contributor to many PHP projects, including PHP itself.His talk will be about PHP 5.3 and it's new features (closures, namespaces, etc.).- Next Tuesday, July 14th; 19:30- Amiado Offices ( Drinks on the rooftop. Some beer is provided, please also bring your own.Please sign up:
  • Chinwag Live: Music - who pays the piper? - 15 Jul 2009

    PLEASE NOTE - BOOKINGS MUST BE MADE THROUGH THE CHINWAG WEBSITE: Live: Music - who pays the piper?As music streaming services take off, will marketers make the jump from radio and pay the bill? Or is it time we paid the piper?Personal digital music consumption is changing, from a world where paid-for downloads are dwarfed by illegal file sharing. Meanwhile, new services like Spotify have taken consumers by storm adding 1m users in a matter of months with no US launch.
  • GeekUp Leeds - 15 Jul 2009

    GeekUp Leeds takes place on the third Wednesday of every month.We will again be in Mr Foley's Cask Ale House this time around, featuring:- A talk from Dom "The Hodge" Hodgson, snappily entitled "Just Bloody Do It"- Leeds Hack Space fundraiser raffle - a chance to get your hands on some *excellent* prizes, so bring your cash!There is still space for one or two more short talks or 20:20 presentations. Get in touch with me if you're keen to take up the challenge!What is GeekUp?
  • Vista Squad - July Event - 15 Jul 2009

    The second of this month's Vista Squad event see's us return to our regular format in Cardinal Place. This month C# MVP Ben Hall will be dropping in to talk to us about IronRuby and the DLR. Following that Sarah Atter will be presenting to us on the features of Windows 7 that make it so attractive to Enterprise organisations. Agenda 6pm - 6.30pm: Arrive and introductions 6.30pm - 7:15pm: Ben Hall on IronRuby7.15pm - 8:15: Break, food and drinksÂ
  • Web Wednesdays - Web Business Networking July Meetup - 15 Jul 2009

    Dear Web Wednesdays Meetup members Web Wednesdays is held the THIRD Wednesday of every month so make sure you add it to your diary now so you don't miss out.All Internet entrepreneurs, small business owners and self employed professionals are welcome whether you have been running an online business for years or are just considering taking the plunge!Admission is by advance booking only so make sure you visit our website to book your place for the next event before we sell out...
  • Developer Testing for SharePoint - 15 Jul 2009

    The Talk The development of components for use in SharePoint is a complex process, and often seems to fly in the face of what is considered good development practice in a Test Driven Development world. In this session Richard will show how using some good design practices and tools such as Typemock Isolator you can develop testable components for Sharepoint without even having to have Sharepoint on your development PC.
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