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INETA Europe April 2009 Newsletter  
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Do More With Less!
Damir Tomicic & Steve Ballmer

At the Microsoft Software Strategy Summit in Cologne last week I had the opportunity to join Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, on stage and ask him a number of questions. I would like to share some of his thoughts with you.

We live in challenging times and the global financial crisis affects developer community as well. According to Steve, it will last for at least 2 more years. But, this crisis will be over. And this crisis will not stop us from building great software. As he said once "Developers, Developers, Developers" he would love to add today “Software, Software, Software!”

When you build software you don’t need facilities and large investments. The only constraint is your imagination. In the past, as he started to work at Microsoft, he never thought that this company will become the Microsoft as we know it today.

But the work is not yet done.

The future of software is in the connected world where developers mix existing concepts and create whole new experience. We’ll see more and more huge LCD displays reacting on touch and voice. The documents as we know today will be consequently replaced by digital versions shown on devices with touch screens. Once more Steve pointed out that the future is in the cloud. There are different opportunities for developers but we’re still at the beginning of this big change.

Microsoft is investing heavily in building and providing the platform, server, tools and services to empower developers to “Do More With Less!”.

You will see new announcements made by Microsoft regarding the availability of new Cloud computing offerings. And there are even more news to come: Microsoft just announced that Windows 7 RC will be available on April 30th.

The future may be in the Cloud. But the future is certainly not cloudy! :-)

Damir Tomicic's Photo

Damir Tomicic
President, INETA Europe

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We need your support!

If you are already one of our awesome sponsors or you sponsor in some way the User Group Community (developer, designer or just geek), we at INETA are willing to showcase and provide you added visibility and marketing - for free.

The only request is that you have to provide some benefit to the developer & designer community that we are caring for. (licences for free, discounts, freebies and SWAG in general, to give at User Group events, etc.. anything is valid if it is a benefit or good for the community).

Then we will showcase you as a INETA Community Supporter displaying some information at our newsletter and at our INETA Europe website. This is the information we require for this:

Company information:
  • Name
  • Short description
  • Extended description
  • Website link
  • Contact person
  • Contact person e-mail
  • Image/Logo of your company.
Community Benefit Information:
  • Community offer title
  • Description
  • Community offer link
  • Community offer contact person
  • Community offer contact person email
  • Community offer image (if any).
  • Date of beginning of the offer (if any).
  • Date of ending of the offer (if any).

What we will provide you? Well, extended showcase to the developer community, which will bring brand awareness, sympathy to your brand and products from the whole INETA community, you will be showcased at our website and newsletter and thus you will extend your communication reach - for free. Everybody wins, that’s how we see it.

Also we need you to confirm that you provide us, INETA, the permission to showcase your company, logo and all the data you provide without any costs on any means we consider, being at web, e-mail, printed or other.

Then, how do you see it?

For taking advantage of these benefits and also help us empower the community, you just have to send an e-mail to INETA Europe VP Events & Sponsorship Responsible, at the e-mail: with all the information requested and also the confirmation.

Also, if you are not a Sponsor but you know one, it would help much the community if you could pass this communicate to him or pass us this contact to the before mentioned e-mail. This way you will be making a difference helping us growing our sponsor base.

Thanks a lot for helping out!!

Jose Luis Latorre's Photo

Jose Luis Latorre
Vice President Events & Sponsorship INETA Europe

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Norwegian Developers Conference 2009 INETA Europe 15% Discount

We are glad to provide you with this good oportunity to assist to the Norwegian Developers Conference 2009 with a 15% discount for INETA Europe user group members.


One of the world’s best developer conferences takes place in exotic Oslo in June this year. Featuring 25 of the world’s most wanted experts within software design and –development for 2 full days and 7 different tracks it will be a truly amazing show. But wait, that´s not all. There is a third day with all the agile you can eat, served up by agile superstars like Mary Poppendieck and Craig Larman. And of course there will be an attendee party that you surely don´t want to miss – with a built-in rock concert. All sessions are in English.


If you are a member of a developer user group and live outside of Norway you might be eligible for a 15% discount on the conference fee. To claim your very own user group promotional code contact Rune Grothaug (Microsoft Norway) by email:


There are many reasonably priced direct flights to Oslo (OSL) from most major cities in Europe like: Aalborg, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Krakow, London, Lyon, Madrid, Milano, München, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna (and more).

For more information about NDC2009 visit our website

Miguel Lopez's Photo

Miguel Lopez
Vice President Marketing INETA Europe

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Community activities and other important info
INETA Europe supported Code Camps!

As a result of our call for proposals in INETA Europe March Newsletter – we received several applications for supporting this Community Events, some of them very detailed like Macedonian Code Camp (, , June 6th, 2009) and Spain Code Camp (June 2009).

Submit your applications and we will help you in organizing the event with checklists, sponsor contact lists, speakers, etc.

KulenDayz 2009 (Cool’an Days) – a little bit different Community Event

Are you bored with the technical conferences which all look the same? This year, in Croatia we are organizing again a very special conference: KulenDayz 2009, from 12th-14th June.

Why is it special: The conference is all community, regional conference with the main conference moto of the SLOW DOWN!”. How it was last year? We had 100 atendees from 8 countries, 19 excellent sessions, presented by 12 MVP’s in 3 tracks, DEV/SYS/DBA. It was special since we had “unplugged”, Chalk & Talk sessions, out in the ethno-village. So, no laptops, no beamers, no PPTs – only flip chart and a good presenter. Absolutely everybody loved it!

On top of the “official” tracks, we have also organized Chill Out zone, with Guitar Hero competitions, Robots competition, Retro Zone… On Sunday, we had special networking event: canoeing thru National Park and a lunch in local restaurant with live ethno band…

How it was, check on So, this year we are about to repeat the conference and make everything even better.

There is no attendee fee, it’s for community from community, so everybody is very welcome!

Bernardin Katic, MVP
MS Community Osijek User Group Leader
INETA Europe Country Leader for Croatia

How to keep up with INETA Europe?

Beside the monthly Newsletter – you can follow what is going-on with INETA Europe on: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and site with Board Members, Country Leaders and Liaison persons blogs!

  • INETA Europe Community
  • INETA Europe on Facebook
  • INETA Europe on LinkedIn
  • INETA Europe on twitter
Dobrisa's PhotoNew INETA Europe Membership Vice President: Welcome Dobrisa Adamec!

Please welcome Dobrisa Adamec, MVP that will succeed Andrej Radinger, MVP that as being INETA Europe Membership Vice President several years!

Dobrisa just started to get acquainted with all of INETA Europe Country Leaders and Liaisons, so please help him to get into the things more quickly by sending this data in Excel sheet to

  • Country Leader/Liaisons Contact Info Country | Name | Surname| WEB user name | SkypeID | WindowsLiveID| Fixed phone | Mobile phone | ZIP, Street, Country | Blog address | FacebookID | LinkedInID | TwitterID

We are currently updating rules for membership - do not worry - it will only help Country Leaders to be able to evaluate and approve User Groups by themselves!

In the name of all the board, and our community... Welcome!

INETA Europe New Country Leader for Cyprus: Welcome Artemakis Artemiou!

Starting with February 2009, Artemakis Artemiou, MVP become INETA Europe Country Leader for Cyprus.

The main responsibility of INETA Europe Country Leader role is to evaluate, approve and coordinate INETA User Groups in Cyprus and to promote technical communities registered to INETA.

Artemakis is also Microsoft MVP SQL Server, MCT, and CDNUG.NET UG leader.

Here are “his” web sites:


Tomislav Bronzin Photo

Tomislav Bronzin,
Vice resident Community Activities INETA Europe

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Our communities in a nutshell...
Silverlight User Group in Bulgaria...

SUGB Event

I’m Emil Stoychev - the group leader of the Silverlight User Group Bulgaria.

You can see our activities at I'd liket to present us to the INETA community.

Silverlight User Group Bulgaria is a young developer community focused on one specific topic - Silverlight. Nevertheless we are the newest local community we are the most visited user group in Bulgaria with around 80-90 attendees on average. Currently our meetings are held only in-person throughout various locations in Sofia, but we also plan to organize meetings in other cities in the country.

For this year our main goal is to popularize Silverlight among local developers, to attract more attendees and to build a strong community. We are open and looking for great local and foreign speakers to join our meetings.

We usually meet every first Tuesday of the month in the Microsoft’s office, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The most important thing you should know about us is that we are active, fun, ready to contribute and discuss various Silverlight topics which would benefit the Silverlight development community as a whole.

Emil's Photo

Emil Stoychev
Silverlight User Group Leader

Windows Powershell Italian Community

My name is Efran Cobisi and I'm a professional .NET architect and developer, specialized in web development (ASP.NET/ASP.NET AJAX platform) and database design/development (SQL Server 2005/2008).

I am the leader of, the Windows PowerShell Italian community, a virtual user group devoted to PowerShell and .NET development using that environment/platform; the community was born on late 2007 and now counts about 1300 registered users.

Even if Windows PowerShell represents a technological niche, the number of our users has a very positive trend however.
To date, no meeting has been planned and I actually haven't any plan for them in the near future.

The community website is available at the following address:
Please note that the website is Italian language only.

Thank you for your support!

Efran's Photo

Efran Cobisi
Windows Powershell Italian Community Leader

.NET Usergroup Frankfurt / Germany.

We are a public group that deals with all topics around the Microsoft developer platform. Also we sometimes cover database topics.

Usually we get together in the Microsoft Regional Office in Bad Homburg / Germany, that provides us with perfect infrastructure for our meetings. For a meeting we usually have 30-40 attendees and one or two sessions held by members of the group or recognized experts from the German .NET community.

To give you an idea what we talk about here a list of our last topics: SQL Server 2008 for Developers, Silverlight, Pragmatic Architecture, Distributed Systems Design and Oracle & .NET.

This year we celebrate our 5th birthday and we are happy that we recently exceeded 450 registered members.
The most important thing to know about the .NET Usergroup in Frankfurt is, that we are open to everyone, from beginner to expert, from hobbyist to professional, that shares the same enthusiasm for programming on the Microsoft platform.

If you are interested to join the group or have any idea for cooperation then please get in contact via the homepage

Constantin's Photo

Constantin Klein
.NET User Group Frankfurt Leader

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New UGSS Event Content

User Group Support Services has posted new Developer and IT Pro content for you to use at your user group events! Below are the new titles for the month of March:

Developer Content:
  • DEVSQL-201 Building Applications with SQL Server 2008
  • DEVMOB-200 Developing for Windows Mobile Devices
IT Pro Content:
  • ADD-319 Managing Windows Server 2008 Using Server Manager
  • SRV-303 Monitoring Windows Server Systems
  • SRV-304 Managing Windows Server Systems for Midsize Organizations
  • Please visit the Event Content tab at for more details. Our content library is growing…
  • check in monthly to see what’s new!
Other UGSS resources:

Graham Watson's Photo

Graham Watson
User Group Relationship Manager, Microsoft

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April's Upcoming Events...

  • Developer Day Scotland 2009 - 02 May 2009.
    About Developer Day Scotland Developer Day Scotland (DDS) is a community event, run by community for community, which is based upon the highly successful Developer! Developer! Developer! (DDD) community conference events. Scottish Developers is pleased to bring this phenomenal success to Scotland once again. The very best of the UK speaker community will be presenting on the topics delegates wish to see. Highlights of Developer Day Scotland Listed below are some of the key highlights
  • EuroDjangoCon '09 - 04 May 2009
    EuroDjangoCon is a Django conference that aims to bring together the community and provide a wide range of sessions, panels, lightning talks and showcases of Django usage within various businesses.We will be having 3 conference days May 4th
  • next09 - 05 May 2009
    For the first time the next conference 2009 is taking place on two days at Kampnagel in Hamburg: on May 5 & 6, 2009. With 30 hours programme, 100 international speakers and 1500 participants from the advertising, technology, internet and media
  • OpenCoffee Leeds {May} - 05 May 2009
    If you're working in the creative or digital industries, we'd love you to come hang out, chat, demo or just network with others...usually around 20-25 people each month...sometimes more :)OpenCoffee itself runs from 10am to noon
  • VBUG London: Discovering OpenRasta - 05 May 2009
    Discovering OpenRasta Sebastien Lambla will provide an introduction to OpenRasta - his MVC framework for .NET. While MVC frameworks are gaining
  • from Here to Entity - 05 May 2009
    Microsoft's Eric Nelson takes us from here to Entity with the ADO.NET Entity Framework. Plus we'll be having another nugget and they'll be lashings of Pizza.
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